Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So as most of us grown women who would idolize The New Kids in our teeny bopper days know, They have made a come back!!! I'm sad to say though that I haven't heard any of their new songs. But anywho! I do believe one of my first childhood friends in Gander where I grew up, Kerri Ann saw them in concert not long ago. Sorry Kerri Ann if you never and if you never, why am I thinking you did? LOL. I'm not getting mixed up with the Elton John concert, which I know you saw right? But anyways.

I want you to read what one of my friends Toni wrote about them! She recently brought her son with her to Texas this past weekend to see them. I always thought this girl was nuts, now i'm certain!!! I love her to death though! I hope you get as big of a kick reading it as I did!! You can check her post and Blog here.



Toni said...

Yay thanks for linking to me Lea. And yes I proudly claim to be nuts!

Brian said...
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Minxy Mimi said...

Toni is a nut!~~

HEy, I tagged you, go look at my blog for details!