Saturday, October 4, 2008


Sorry, let me rephrase that. FREEZING! I'm frozen, I hate cold weather and today is freezing! Just a little whining and complaining for you. I don't have much really to write about today but I do want to tell you to what I woke up to at 5am in the morning. I'm a sound sleeper, I don't hear anything (except an occasional call out to Mom from the kiddies). We sleep with a HUGE fan on in our room and it's very noisey. I woke up at 5 am this morning hearing wind and rain absolutely pounding off of the house! Seriously, I was totally freaked out, it doesn't get like that here in Newfoundland. I had to get out of bed to look out of the window. It was crazy!!! I can't even describe it. Tyler has a huge ride on escavator (sp) trackor thingy and it had blown in the neighbours yard. Pretty exciting for me. haha. I really was amazed.

Sorry to bore you with my eventfull night. Just a little note though... The Rubber Gloves made a come back!!!! Jenna and Tyler are happily (and quietly) giving eachother "High fives" with blown up rubber gloves at the moment.


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