Monday, October 6, 2008

So Relaxing

It's just me, myself and I here for a little R&R. Craig is working a night shift (7pm-7am), and the kids are in bed. It's cold outside, i'm curled up on the couch watching Oprah and I have the fire lit. I took a picture to show you, but it didn't come out very good, i'll post it anyways. I think the only thing I like about cold weather is nights like this. It just feels so cozy.

To change the subject. It amazes me how much Jenna learns in school. She's in grade 2 now and besides the basic spelling, math, reading etc... she just finnished learning about the solar system. While Tyler was watching Little Einstien tonight which was about planets, she was telling me what planet was what. I remember learning that stuff in grade 5, I think it was. She told me she needs an astronaut suite so she can go to space. My daughter the Astronaut, it has a good ring to it don't you think?




Susan said...

Wow a is still 85 here LOL

Staci said...

Lucky you getting some time to yourself! A nice toasty fire sounds wonderful!