Friday, October 17, 2008

Mommy and Daughter shopping night!

When Craig came home from work today me and Jenna decided to go out for a bit of Mommy/ Daughter shopping. She has been saving up her allowance and loves the Claires store, so I asked her if she wanted to go buy herself something. Seeing I had to bring my wedding band in to be checked (for warrenty) I figured I would leave it to be cleaned while we shopped.

Jenna just melts my heart. She was so cute looking at all of the little nik nak's asking how much this was and that was. She finally picked out yet another Hanna Montana thing. I told her she could buy something else if she wanted, she looked around but then realized that she was paying for this out of her own money so she was happy enough with one item. She took her wallet out of her purse (of course she had to sit on the floor to do this. lol). The lady rang her thing in and it came to only $5 something!!! It was on sale for half price!!! That's when I got excited. haha

We left and went to the Dollar store and she bought herself some funky pencils and Tyler a toy Hammer.

It was time to go get my rings (my wedding band and engagment ring are joined together). She hands them to me all sparkly clean. then she hands me another engagment ring. A very beautiful ring .................that's not mine! I could of took it! Seriously, if I had been the wrong person I could of said thank you and left with my ring and this other VERY nice ring. I'm just lucky that she hadn't given my rings to someone else. I could be ringless right now!!!


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Minxy Mimi said...

UH OH! Good thing your ring was not lost!
Hannah Montana huh? I dont get it!!!