Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Little Meet & Greet With Your's Truely!

Just thought i'd tell you all abit about myself! I'm Lea! I am 29, and will be turning ~ ~~~~ yep! 29 again in March of next year. :) I've been Married to my hubby, Craig for only almost 3 months. Although we've been together for 10 years this coming January. We finally broke down and took the plunge. We (yes, me and he) have Two gorgeous, gorgeous children. I often wonder how I became so blessed to have such cuties. Of course other time's I wonder what did I ever do to deserve these monster's!!! Jenna our oldest, will be the BIG 7 on Christmas Day (no matter how hard I tried she just wouldn't stay in any longer). Mr. Man aka Tyler, will be the not quite as big 4 on January, 21!

Were living in the cold, isolated Newfoundland, Canada. Ok, ok it's not THAT bad, but could be a whole lot better. But it's home (for now, I soooo would love to move) and were making the best of it.

If there is anything you would like to know, feel free to ask anything!



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Minxy Mimi said...

Hey Lea!!!
Good start on your blog!