Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Ever here of it? Well, i’m sure somewhere in this HUGE world we live in there’s one around somewhere, and I NEED it!!! Basically, this is a test blog. I’ve been meaning to try this out for a while and finally have attempted it! YAY ME! Now i’m not quite sure if i’m up to the task. Seriously it’s confusing for someone as computer anything illiterate as me.
First question to any poor soul who has accidently stumbled across this lil’ lonely blog. What in the world is “HTML”!? Alright, alright I know I should know what that means, I mean it’s everywhere these days. But (put bluntly) I don’t.



Krista said...

This is an awesome idea Lea and I am sure Dad will love being able to keep up with what is happening back in Gander. Love your big sister:-)

Gloria said...

WOW!!!! Great jobbie on this, now I can really see if you are telling the truth to all your other friends....hahaha, because I live right down below you. You are the BEST that there will ever be and your Dad is going to love this blog.

Vicky said...

Lea. This is amazing. Now I can check up on ya regulary(that's a little creepy I know, hehe)
Great job!!!
Hope to chat soon.
Love ya,
P.S. I think html stands for hotmail. (don't quote me though)